October 6, 2012

Happy Fall

Good afternoon, I had a wonderful Saturday that began Friday evening at home. My photography doesn't capture the wonderful bbq I enjoyed last night with friends. It looks like a floppy mess on my plate but it has all my favorite foods; pea salad, sour cream potatoes, roast beef beans, guacamole, baked veggies and brats (October-fest-ish). 

This will be one of the last weekends to capture the fall colors in our area. (again my photography doesn't do the scenery justice).

Saturday began with the task of organizing my bedroom. My behavior is rooted in my up-bringing (work first then play).

 And here is playing; I had fun making these twine & flat washer embellishments for my fall table setting.

DIY Spirit Busting Out

My next planned Saturday project is this
click here: Acorn Craft
To my local DIYers, would you like to join me, Saturday October 20?

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