May 28, 2012

Strawberry Buttermilk Cake

We spent the weekend at the cabin, a wet weekend. It actually snowed all day Saturday. We had the pellet stove on all day & night as the temp. didn't get above 32. Amy, Pete & the kids came to visit Sunday afternoon and I baked stuffed Portobello Mushrooms which Pete stated he really liked and Amy was not a fan just because she doesn't like mushrooms at all.
Monday morning was spent on the front porch sipping coffee & looking for the Cow Moose & her calf that we spotted yesterday ambling down the driveway. She didn't appear & I'm glad because I didn't have the camera.
I couldn't wait to get home Monday so I could bake this strawberry buttermilk cake (see previous post & download the recipe). Our neighbors let me ride their 4 wheeler & after a very, very short ride around the cabin circle twice I went inside & began picking up our things and loading them into the truck. I was in such a hurry I left my laptop oh well, Rod is returning on Wednesday to finish the kitchen tile. 

As soon as we got home I immediately began baking. Rod BBQ a nice steak & Sarah came over for dinner.
Here is my picture of a very moist & yummy piece of strawberry buttermilk cake.

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