June 24, 2012

Pinterest - Finally

The Pinterest social website to some is a time-sucker and to others a wealth of creative ideas. I love Pinterest because of all the creative ideas, recipes and encouraging words I've found on my friend's boards. Most people who follow me or I follow them are complete strangers, people I've never met but we share the same interests...

...like this pallet shelf. http://pinterest.com/pin/266134659200353381/

I found this pallet on my way to the grocery store after work. I passed a huge FREE WOOD sign in front of Utility Trailer http://www.utilitytrailer.com/company/about-us and quickly made a U turn. Wow, rows of pallets all FREE for the taking. I only fit two in my small car and sort of felt like a thief when I pulled away...really, FREE, and so many 'styles' to chose from, if pallets come in 'styles' that is. 

A little bit of stain and two screws in the wall to hold it in place and we had made a quaint, rustic shelf for the cabin. 

What has inspired you from Pinterest? 

Happy Pinning my Friends!

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