February 15, 2014

Charity suffers Looonnngggg

Hey all! Did you have a lovely week which ended in Valentine Day? I've always loved Valentine Day because its a day that actions speak louder than words. 
The hubby prepared a nice dinner & gave me a necklace he'd made on his lathe. 

As I get older I find that the excitement for Valentine day diminishes each year because I've learned that its not the dinners or gifts but the value we place on building our marriage.
We've been encouraged listening to messages from Pastor James McDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago. I usually listen to the broadcast while driving to work each day and my husband listens to the same message from his computer. At the end of the day we spend about 15 minutes discussing the message and what we'd learned from it. 
Today the podcast was a special video broadcast about building your marriage relationship and we wanted to share the link with you hoping you'd be just as encouraged to evaluate the state of your marriage as we were.
Have a wonderful weekend and next week we'll return to the topic of creating livable homes from simple inspirations.

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