March 15, 2014


From the well kept but not used very much wardrobe; our friends Gerry and Roxie asked us to re-purpose their antique armoire and turn it into a large jewelry box. We had such a great time creating a piece that they enjoy and use on a daily basis. 
(Pic from internet because we forgot to snap a BEFORE shot)
We gathered pictures from Pinterest and began thrifting for knobs and hooks.
Roxie owns a sizable amount of jewelry and was storing it in piles on her closet floor. 
 Right away Rod began sketching out what ended up as the final project. Some of the shelves were reused along the back and side walls.  
Knobs from Home Depot and shower curtain hooks from the local thrift store were purchased. 
 Rod made a ring bowl and bracelet lazy-susan on his lathe to add a friendly look. 
Here it is all finished. 
BTW we had to add 20 more knobs and hooks. I should update the finished project!

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