January 3, 2014

This is the year

I'm writing today under a hazy sky at 30 degree temperatures...not too bad. Anyway, other than fairly warm temps, the ground is still too cold for digging. We've been in this house almost 15 years and we still have a list a mile long of things we'd like to do. Dream 'PINTEREST' projects that I need ooh-bur amounts of cash to complete, but mostly this will be the year to tackle installing stair railings for the side entrance to the house. Mainly for safety reasons; but I want it to look good too. 

I'm falling in love with my house all over again! The ideas I have for this railing are long....and I need your help deciding what style of railing to save $$ for. Let's talk about future railing plans shall we?


I don't want the railing too complicated. What do you think about wood AND iron? I'm pretty sure I think I have a money tree in the yard, but it's fun to daydream, right?

I'd like to use the same look for the basement stairway, which probably won't happen since each stairway is so different looking...

unless we use iron for both mmmmm

Gnarly - my favorite

or traditional, which will complement the railings at the rear of the house.

So do you have any fun plans for your home, or at least ones you daydream about? Any organization projects you want to tackle? 

Do tell! 

Have a great weekend and stay safe xxooo

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I like the traditional railing (mirror what's on the main porch already), the gnarly, and the iron. Doesn't narrow your options down that much but it's a start!